Breathe, Believe, Become

Triumph Workshops

Triumph after Trauma

Has life ever taken the wind from your sails?

More than half of all people experience a traumatic event. It is not the event but how we experience the event that determine if it is traumatic. Changing your perspective with the trauma encourages positive change and profound awakenings.
We will teach you proven simple techniques, ideas, and ways to communicate to triumph after your trauma.​

How to Rise through Conflict 

Do you ever think your life or workplace would be better if there was less friction or conflict?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Our easy straight-forward approach to conflict builds a person’s sense of value and strengthens relationships. 

Emotional responses to trauma or life’s uncertainties change the playing field for relationships and communication. This change brews the opportunity for conflict. The typical ways of handling conflict can fuel the issues.

Our simple 5 step process can easily be followed to change conflict from a negative to a positive force in your life.​​

Understanding the Power of Personality Differences

Have you ever experienced tension due to someone’s personality?

We all have but few of us harness the power within the differences. Once someone understands that someone else is the flipside of our personality and their strengths are our weaknesses amazing things can happen.

We will teach the flipsides of personalities so your home and workplace relationships can work better than ever.​