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Out-of-the-Box Time Saving Tips!

Feb 20, 2017

Juggling life, family, friends, and business is more challenging in 2017 that ever before.  There is an expectation people have that they must do more, be more and accomplish more this year than last year.

It is a tall order and you should have every chance to succeed.

Here are a few suggestions to help you achieve your dreams and goals this year.

  1. Be human – It can be tougher that it seems. On the surface, you are a human being and innately this means there is an expectation of imperfection. Yet, many stink a being okay with being imperfect. You have permission to turn down opportunities, miss a party, or take some time for yourself without having a plan to accomplish anything with that time. Learn to be okay having some crappy days, making mistakes or flubbing it up. As long as those things don’t become the norm, you are succeeding at being human.  Enjoy it!

    It is chill time.

  1. Set expectations – Establish them for yourself and communicate them to others. Too often excuses are given to procrastinate on getting things done and there is undue pressure to complete things because you didn't commit to or communicate a deadline. The weight of this wanes on your energy and your productivity.  The fix it quite simple. Tell others your deadline, your window of opportunity, what to expect with a finished product and you will see more and more time saved as you practice setting expectations.
  1. The 2-minute break – It’s like a TV time out. It is long enough to meditate, take a short walk, stretch, drink a glass of water or leave a message for your Mom. I recommend doing this fast break every 30 minutes but once an hour is good too. You need it if you are requiring to stay focused longer than 9 seconds or multi-tasking. You will reduce your stress and increase your productivity by honoring the 2-minute break protocol.
  1. Meal Planning- Yes, really! Eating requires a ton of small decisions. Do you eat in or go out? Do you have a salad or a burger? What kind of dressing do you add? Do you eat the salad before the burger? Do you get a napkin or hope for the best? It’s almost as tasking on you, as a four-year-old asking you why a hundred times.  Your brain gets fatigued making decisions. When it is fatigued, you are not as productive. Stop eating on the fly and start planning it.  Schedule a few minutes of planning time and add what you believe you will eat for the week to include the food, the cooking method, ingredients, the time and place. Then write out a shopping list, if necessary. This will save you a ton of time at the store and eating meals on the go.

Are you saving time?

  1. Use Dopamine wisely – Whaat? Dopamine is your go to for an energy supply when you see a good thing and you need drive to get you there. It is short lived. If you try to engage dopamine all of the time it would be like a sprinter running a marathon. We all know, the sprinter would finish the race last. Why? Because longer runs to a goal need a strong game plan, daily effort and good steady pace. If you are running full-speed all the time, you will be less productive as time goes on. Use your dopamine as a quick fire to chase short-term goals and make them good ones.

Don't let life dictate your time availability. Look outside the box and gain control of the present and your future.


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