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How to Overcome a Client Who Didn’t Receive Your Sales Message?

Oct 14, 2016

drunk-1013898_1920Uggh. They just didn’t get it!

You work so hard to build a company, train employees to the highest standards and build a customer first reputation.  You are seen as one of the best businesses. So, is it possible you can do everything right and yet a potential customer doesn’t get it?


So is there anything your company can do to overcome this or is this just a part of doing business?

Here are 3 things to think about:

  1. Know your target market- We all know the basics. Be specific, determine the demographics, don’t be everything to everybody and know what solutions they need. You also need to know there are a thousand things happening in their life and in their head you know nothing about. When you are giving a perfect sales close and your listener is only thinking about their sick parent, the 15 things they must get done today, the four hours of sleep they didn’t get last night or a slew of other things. You must know their level of engagement they have in the sales process. Just because they are shaking their head and answering your questions doesn’t mean they are engaged or are listening to your sales pitch.


  1. Stop assuming it is just a part of doing business – We, as sales managers, often look at monthly statistics and bases success on historic sales closing percentages. As long as sales employees are closing sales within an acceptable range, sales are seen as good. The lost sales are out of reach or may not be a good fit despite everything you have done to earn their business. This is an assumption that can lead to lost sales.


  1. Examine it from the potential client’s perspective – We are trained to believe a sales discussion began because of some inherent need by the potential client and all you are doing is trying to fill that need. This is a simplified view of the process. People are inherently more complicated than that and a sales person must understand their client’s perspective is complicated. If a sales process asks, “If my potential client’s world is stressful and busy will they understand what I am trying to do for them?” they will have a greater chance of closing the sales despite what the sales statistics show.


Potential clients are fully capable of screwing up the sales process but it doesn’t always have to end in a loss of a sale.


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