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How to Create Success with One Decision

Apr 5, 2017

If you are reading this article to find the latest quick fix to success, you are looking for something that does not exist. The truth is many people give up on their goals long before their dreams have a chance to develop.

At the Gym

Committing to Fitness at the gym

Look at how many people you know said “In 2017, I am going to the gym and I am finally getting into shape.” They start the year off strong and by the third week in January they give up. Year after year people do the hard part. They commit and show-up but they stop going to the gym by the end of January.


I am sure if I surveyed them I would get a thousand reasons but I believe it all comes down to one reason; they are pulled back to experiences within their comfort capacity.

For years, Carol Dweck has studied and lectured about self-imposed limitations and the power of not yet. She explains how the brain can thrive when a person believes in an outcome not yet achieved. However, doubts linger about whether her theory works in part because so many people give up. A recent article written by the Science of Us. points out, people are actively trying to prove her theory wrong. There doesn’t seem to be many of them but they are out there and they question her theory.

I don’t question Carol Dweck’s theory as much as I question why so many people fail into the trap of a fixed mindset  or believing they have limits to their abilities like going to the gym on a regular basis

If her theory is working theory, then there should be a viable working process to apply that theory by now. In some respects there is, but that recipe to success has a major flaw factor, your brain. The simple recipe to decide to put in the effort doesn’t account for your inherent need for your survival to come first.

Smiling woman

Be Alive

Yes, one of the main functions of your brain is to keep you alive. It is a valuable role, no doubt. Your brain needs to achieve this desired result of surviving, 100% of the time, and it essentially puts limits on what you can do, based on your experience. Relevancy and logic are not considered when it comes to staying alive.

It is as if your brains holds the premise of been there, done that in the highest regards. Meaning your brain values experience more than it values a greater legacy or any anything else.

It is almost as if your brain is ruled by its 100% success rate and impedes your desire to chase an new because is it too risky for your survival. It doesn’t seem to matter to your brain whether the risk is some small trivial thing like trying a new haircut style or something much more risky like parachuting out of a perfectly good airplane for the first time.

The brain will keep you alive by guiding you to what is known and safe over something new and different every time.

Carol Dweck is correct, if you are going to achieve success at anything beyond what you already know you can do, especially when you face a challenge, you must first decide to you can.

This one small act will signal to your brain, the unknown can be as safe as the known. However, deciding is not enough. You must then continue to reinforce to your brain, the path ahead is a good choice.

Tug of War

Tug of War

At times, it may feel like you are in a tug of war between your brain’s need to keep the survival rate at 100% and your ability to understand the path you must take to achieve your goals isn’t risking your survival.

How to Succeed:

The power to your success starts with

1.      Your ability to decide

2.      Understanding your brain needs to keep you safe

3.      Your determination to move forward despite the pull back to safety.

Some people will be able to complete these three steps easier than others. The power lies within all of us. The decision is yours.

The time is now to deploy your power because tomorrow is never promised. Grab your chance to live your dreams while you can and do it with vigor. When you do, you will see you can do more, achieve more and be more than you ever thought you could be.

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