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7 Secrets to Gain a Competitive Advantage with Attitude

Feb 6, 2017

Are you a leader of one or a leader of many?  Your attitude counts every minute.  Bite the wrong person’s head off and you will feel the repercussions. Smile and say hello on the worst of days and land your biggest business deal.


Here are the secrets you need to know.

  1. Address Attitude Daily – Does your do to list have attitude development on it? Unfortunately, too often small business owners oversee the need to address their attitude daily. Study after study shows attitude affects productivity. Yet, we focus on productivity first and monitor our attitude as we check items off our list. If the first thing on the list to do was to find a positive and upbeat attitude the rest of the check list every day would be accomplished faster. Hone your attitude every day.
  1. Don't Paralogize Your Attitude – It is’s word of the day and it fits perfectly into this blog. We can jump to conclusions with our attitude.  Our business titles and work ethic can have us assuming we have a tip-top attitude.  This a false assumption. Great attitudes can make brilliant owners, but brilliant owners don’t always have great attitudes. Become a leader with attitude that out shines your competition.
  1. Be Grateful – Our brains can focus on one thing at a time. (I know many of you have a difficult time believing this.) If we are focused on appreciation, our brains cannot also concentrate on the stress or negativity.  Science also shows gratefulness changes our brain chemistry and makes us happier.  Track things you appreciate every day.

  1. Let Go of Perfection – If we waited until everything was perfect we would never get anything done. Allow more room for if it is good enough. Strive for our best every day and if it is perfect then it is an extra bonus.
  1. Focus on What’s in Front of You – Our brains are hopeful the future brings good things. When we stay focused on the future our brains typically stay positive. People find positivity attractive. It communicates movement in a prosperous direction. Enjoy the ride.
  1. Dream Big – Our lives are not just about the next five or six steps we will take.  Look up and see the world in front us.  It is vast and we can dream about going many places.  Our dreams are never determined by the road behind us. It is always about the unknown in our future. Go get it.

Attitude is more important that breakfast. Check on it, adjust it and develop it every morning. See it make an impact.

Enjoy the journey or business ownership!

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