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5 Tips to Tackle Your Ginormous To-do List

Mar 6, 2017

Is your list so long you don’t even know where begin much less how to do it?  You should know you are not alone.

Entrepreneurship isn’t like a Lego set that comes with instructions as to how to piece your dream together.

It is more like a tough mudder race. You prepare your best game, jump in, get muddy and push through to the finish. Most of the time it isn’t sexy or glamorous.  It is an internal fire, pushing you forward to the next step and the next and the next until you find your way to success.

There 5 tips will give you a new perspective:

  1. Admit You Don’t Know Everything – New entrepreneurs should embrace the power of asking questions. Relying on others who have been down the road ahead of you reduces your stress, risk and fear of making errors. The best in business ask questions to everyone and make it a habit. If they are not asking questions they read a book or hop onto a podcast. The sooner you believe there is more to learn and embrace it, the more likely you are to succeed at a faster pace.
  1. Hire an Assistant – Have the guts to make the mind shift to spend a few dollars. Put on your CEO hat and outsource the work. If you don’t have a CEO hat yet, get one. You will need it. Yes, I know, many coaches say when you are a young business, save every dollar. This is becoming old school thinking. More and more experts say and I agree, time is working against you. If you are currently working another job to fund your business, then work more hours and spend every cent on an assistant.  Let them set you up for success. The do it yourself model includes bumps in the road and the bumps can be problematic.  Besides, saying you have an assistant makes you sound important and boosts self-esteem. Who wouldn’t want that?

  1. Start Any Where – Yep, believe it or not, your brain and everyone else’s brain for that matter has this ability to push the starting point down the road to protect you from the unknown. I am not kidding. Your procrastination and analysis paralysis is a flight or fight response in your own head that is impeding your success. You must get past this by understanding this hang-up makes no sense. Get good at starting. You can do it with anything on your list. It can be something that you love or it simple to complete.  Then celebrate you started on something. Create a memory, your brain can recall the next time you want to begin something.  By establishing this, you will find starting additional things on your to-do list is become easier to accomplish.
  1. Track Your Progress– Your brain is good at creating pathways to get from point “A” to point “B” but it is not good at keep lists and helping you sort through them. By making a list, you can visualize the thousands of things you need to do and allow your brain to figure out how to get you to where you want to go. You will be able to prioritize your list by urgency and importance. The you can create goals to get the items finished and best of all checked off your list. As you slug through the list you can look back and see the if you are producing and how well you are producing.  If you want to keep momentum, you need to get momentum.
  1. Hire a Coach – Every amazing athlete will tell you they need their coach or coaches. If this is a proven model, then is seems simple. Go get a coach. Yes, I know they cost money but operating without one costs you more money.  A coach should be your best advocate and hone your strengths while downsizing your weaknesses.  They should be opening doors for your and be your best sounding board, advising you to avoid typical and a-typical pitfalls. Most importantly they should guide to develop a mindset where you can become more than you ever imagined.

Entrepreneurs by nature have a growing list. There is always something more to-do and learn or a new opportunity to explore.  Managing your list will always be trial and error to some extent but you can start getting good at prioritizing it  by getting started and following a few tips.

Go create and contribute your talents to the world

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