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5 Must Dos to Get Motivated on Mondays!

Feb 13, 2017


It’s cloudy, dark and cold and it’s Monday.


A sentence like that does not make you want to get out of bed and chase your dreams.

Get up and Start your week out strong with these 5 things:

  1. Start Your Day with Wicked Prep  – If you are making the biggest presentation of your life today, you would prep for weeks or maybe even months or years for your once in a lifetime experience. Yet, the same preparation does not happen for a Monday morning. Typical Monday morning prep begins after a couple of rounds of battle with the snooze button. Why? What if you wrote your list to do, set out your clothes, set the stage for a healthy breakfast, figured out how you were going to light your fire in the morning, and so on the night before? Ins’t that what you want?
  1. Understand Your Biology –What signals your body to get moving? Eight to ten more minutes of sleep doesn’t signal to your body to get up and go. Actually, your body responses to rhythms and routines. Get up about the same time every day. Turn the lights on. Go to the bathroom. Hydrate with something other than coffee and then ingest coffee, if you must. Turn on music. Exercise. Shower. Establish you normal. If your morning is routine and you work to perfect it; you will feed your brain’s need familiarity and your body’s normal rhythm and daily clock. Mondays will be become a very good way to start the week.
  1. Don’t Watch the News-

    Believe it or not, the news is profoundly negative. This form of negativity is not motivating to your soul. Just a few minutes of main stream news can adversely affect you for hours. Let it go. Your primary focus needs to be on your future. Determine what you can do to create a positive mindset. Sing. Watch motivational videos. Study personal development. Listen to a podcast Read a book. There are so many better choices. Find one for you and embrace it every day.

  1. Be Intentional with Social Media –Starting your day by scrolling through the news feeds of others, exposes you to their negative Monday morning woes or to their slice of a happy portrayed life. Both, take the focus off creating the best day of your life. Control your interactions to set yourself up for success. Jump on social media to wish your friends happy birthday, give them a shout out for being awesome or thank them for being a friend and recognize their milestones. Then get off of social media. This routine builds community and avoids self-defeating subconscious thoughts by comparing your current life’s status or listening to the negativity. Stay true to your motivation momentum.
  1. Recommit to your mission –What is the purpose of your life? Why are you choosing to do the things on your to do list? Today’s errands, events and encounters are all steps to get you to your life’s destination. They may seem pointless or even stressful but the minutes spent today, quickly turn in to hours and then the day is over. At this point, you have thousands of days behind you and an unknown time ahead of you. Make this day count because you have a destination to reach and you don’t know when the final bell will ring. If it rings today, will you be satisfied with your final destination point or your efforts to spend your time wisely?


Mondays contain 24 hours of your week. What can you do with 24 hrs? Show us!

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