Breathe, Believe, Become

What can we do to make your journey or business experience more successful?

A Message from Our Founder – Virginia Phillips

Do you have big dreams and goals and want to reach them with less effort or time?

   Leadership and Communication

      • Are you a young business?
      • Do you want the advantages of a strong mindset?
      • Do you want the secrets of leadership for more profits?

Entrepreneurship is a tough and sometime traumatic yet, thrilling road for anyone. It is the journey of a life time and our accolades to you for going after your dreams.

Academy coaches new and upcoming small business executives and entrepreneurs. We do this through a mentoring style of coaching where all questions are valued and the little things matter. This gives you the power to overcome small daily obstacles and to make pivotal business decisions to achieve more. 

We specialize in entrepreneur business coaching, mindfulness and personal leadership mastery. 


Our coaches provide top-notch coaching through in-person and online classes, workshops, seminars and one-to-one coaching. We assembled an impressive team of professionals, coaches and affiliates to provide you a variety of resources in one place. Saving you the time and effort to find them.

You have ability to choose which services are right fit for you. We designed our services to match the flexibility needs of most new business budgets and time constraints of business owners.

Your dreams deserve a team of specialists because your mission is important. Small business is the backbone of any community and your success is critical.